GFRC panels - for great aesthetics and exceptional performance.

Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) is one of the most innovative construction materials available and provides designers with complex aesthetics as well as exceptionally high performance.

GFRC panels, generally ribbed or sandwich panels, provide durability, fire resistance, sound reduction and energy efficiency as well as the superior properties inherent in the material. With one-fifth of the weight for the same solution in precast concrete, this option is more suitable for areas with restricted access, and gives the building structure considerably less loads.

GFRC panels are lightweight but extremely strong, and come in a wide variety of finishes and colours. Tough and impact-proof, they have unrivalled durability, being resistant to acid rain, ultra-violet light and freeze-thaw.

The glass fibres, which are dispersed throughout the concrete, serve a similar purpose to the steel in reinforced concrete.

To Produce GFRC, Samudyam uses

  • State of the art spray and pre mix Technique
  • German admixture and additives
  • Pigments (UV stabilized)
  • Alkali resistance glass fibers of Japanese / European origin
  • Samudyam GFRC external surface is photo catalytic, hence green
  • Nano technology based water repellent coats on GFRC surface

Standards and Specifications

B.S. 6432:1984 - Methods to determine properties of glass reinforced cement material. 

Specification for the manufacture of GFRC GF2CA0110.

Prestressed concrete institute, USA manual 1 28-recommeneded practice for manufacture of glass reinforced concrete panels, EIDN 4th.

Prestressed concrete institute, USA Manual 130-91 for quality control for plants and prod Ll ction of GFRC panels.

Raw Materials

Ordinary Portland Cement, B.S. 12, ASTM 150C - High Silica Sand ASTMC 144 Glass Fibre - Alkali Resistant, MIN 16% Zirconium Admixtures-ASTMC494 Pigments-ASTMC979 - Sealants-ASTMC1193/C920 Primary Fixing 1-lardware-S.S.304 - Support Material-M.S./G.1.-ASTMA36

Distinct Advantages

  • Resistant to Weather, Corrosion, Fire, Abrasion and Fungi
  • Light Weight Due To Thin Sections
  • Non Combustible
  • Low Thermal Movement
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Suitable In Earthquake Prone Areas
  • High Density With Low Porosity
  • Ease Of Forming Complex Shapes
  • Effective Noise Barrier
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Can Impart Any Surface Texture & Finish
  • Manufacturing Flexibility
  • Easy to Handle, Transport and Fast to Install
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Proven Long Term Performance
  • Surface Finishes

Surface Finishes

Samudyam GFRC offers GFRC Components in wide range of finished like:

  • White Smooth Pigmented
  • White/Colour Painted Stone
  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Acid Washed
  • Sandblasted
  • Acidetched
  • Veener Backed
  • Colour Pigmented

GFRC can be Painted as it is Cement based product

Recommended paints are: -

  • Cement based masonry paints
  • Acrylics Water based resins paints
  • Mineral based coats